Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bidgood's Broadcasters

More Bidgoodness with Harry and the boys."Harry BIDGOOD (born in London, 1898) recorded both under his own name, and a variety of other names such as Harry Bidgood's Broadcasters, The Riverside Dance Orchestra, Don Porto and His Novelty Accordions, Rossini's Accordions, Primo Scala and His Banjo Band (or: Primo Scala and His Accordion Band) Among his famous vocalists are Vera Lynn, Cavan O'Malley, Sam Costa. Bidgood's career began when he became the pianist with the De Groot Orchestra then resident at London's Piccadilly Hotel. In time, he became the Musical Director for Vocalion Records, and in 1932, for Crystalate Records. Curiously, he is probably better remembered by his pseudonym of "Primo Scala" than by his own English birthname. (He contrived the name from Italy's boxing champion 'Primo Carnera' and a then famous Irish Sweepstakes winner, Signor Emilio Scala.). He died in London in 1957." Bidgood's Broadcasters - Sing A Little Love Song. Bidgood's Broadcasters - Hitting The Ceiling.

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