Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Wes McGhee

A double LP bought from the Hospice Shop today for a quid. On the TRP Records label circa. 1984. Recorded live in Austin Texas. I had vaguely heard of Wes but I dont think I have anything by him. Attracted by the name of the LP "Thanks For The Chicken". I was hoping for a Chicken Song on it but did spot Rory McLeod's name who plays harmonica on Train Time. Rory is a big favourite and we've seen him several times playing live - always a treat.

His home page says -

"Wes McGhee was born in Leicestershire, England, began playing guitar with a local band when he was only 13 years old, graduated to playing in German rock clubs by the age of 18 and secured his first major record deal - with a division of Pye Records - three years later. His determination to marry psychedelic rock with country music did not endear him to the company, however, and he spent seven frustrating years locked into a contract while no records were being released.

During this time Wes put together the first version of what became his long-time backing band and recorded his first album (Long Nights and Banjo Music) once he was free from his old deal. Having developed an aversion to big record companies, he formed his own Terrapin Records label and subsequently released four other albums during the next six years."

Find out more about Wes HERE.

Tracks are -

1. Whisky Is My Driver
2. Texas No. 1
3. (They Used To Say) Train Time
4. Tear Stained Letter

Wes McGhee - Side Two

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