Friday, March 18, 2011

Ivy Pete & His Limbomaniacs

An LP on the Somerset label from the late 50's when "limbo" was a big dance craze. This is a weak kind of blue-eyed calypso that was made for tourists and for playing at parties. Great kitsch sleeve though which is the only reason I bought it.
The sleeve notes don't tell us much about Ivy pete and his band but says- " Authorities say all you need for a limbo party is three poles ( two upright and one across - see sleeve ) and a group of people with strong backs "bent" on having a ball with "Ivy" Pete and the gang. We recommend you don't try the flame bit on the pole.... this is for real experts or drunks that live near the firehouse."

Tracks are -

1. Jamaica Farewell
2. Little Brown Skin Girl
3. Sly Mongoose
4. I Adore Her
5. Donkey Wants Water
6. Limbo Man

Ivy Pete & His Limbomaniacs - Side One

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