Tuesday, March 08, 2011

English Melodeon Players

An album on the Plant Life label recently bought from the Oxfam shop for 99p. Mostly instrumentals by solo artistes at the forefront of the folk music world back in 1986 when this first came out. Tracks on side one included here are as follows -

1. A Small Fee/Crying Jenny and Laughing Joan - Martin Ellison
2. Young Collins/Princess Royal - Roger Watson
3. The Rose Tree - Tony Hall,Dave Roberts & Roger Watson
4. The Olde Favourite - Tony Hall
5. Johnny Mickey Barry's/The Freedom Of Ireland - Edward II & The Red Hot Polkas
6. 100 Pipers - Tony Hall

Find out more about the melodeon HERE.

English Melodeon Players - Side One

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sr said...

Hi, I was wondering if you could re-post the file to download? Cheers!