Thursday, January 20, 2011

That'll Be The Day (re-up)

In 1972 David Essex/Ringo Starr made the film "That'll Be The Day" on the Isle of Wight. Billy Fury made a cameo appearance in the movie as "Stormy Tempest", a 50's holiday camp ballroom singer, more or less reflecting his own image from the early days. The movie premiered in West End in April 12th 1973 and was a huge success, as was it's soundtrack album which spent 7 weeks as No. 1 on the charts. The album contained a mixture of oldies together with some specially-recorded material, including 5 tracks by Billy.
This wonky cassette is just half the double LP and has been chewed all down one side hence the poor sound quality. The Viv Stanshall track seems to have recorded o.k. this time despite the tape being a bit chewed up. Stanshall is actually credited with the writing of What In The World (Shoop) that Billy Fury (Stormy Tempest) sings here and I've no Idea who Dante and the Evergreens are? They could even be Billy Fury in a different guise.

Here's a segment from a site about Steve Winwood who does some work on the soundtrack along with many others.

"An article in New Musical Express 10/28/72 described the project: "The film features the music of the times (before the Beatles). The Everly Brothers are seen in the picture, as are Viv Stanshall and Bill Fury who fronts a mythical band of the period. It is this band, known as the Stormy Tempest and the Typhoons, that is creating particular interest because of its star-studded line-up. The personnel is of a flexible nature and Keith Moon, Pete Townshend, Ron Wood, Graham Bond and John Hawkins have already been featured in soundtrack recordings. The NME learns this week that Stevie Winwood and Jack Bruce have now joined this array of musical talents."

The 2-LP soundtrack features three sides of oldies, ironically including Bobby Vee And The Crickets' version of "Well All Right", and one side of new material. The new tracks are credited to David Essex ("Rock On"), Billy Fury ("A Thousand Stars", "Long Live Rock", "That's All Right Mama", "Get Yourself Together", "What Did I Say"), Viv Stanshall ("Real Leather Jacket"), Stormy Tempest ("What In The World (Shoop)"), Eugene Wallace ("Slow Down"), and Wishfull Thinking ("It'll Be Me"). Steve did not appear in the film. To date, the album has only been re-issued on an incomplete bootleg CD. Our assessment is that Steve probably played organ on "That's All Right Mama" and "Get Yourself Together", and possibly piano on Ray Charles' "What Did I Say"."

Here's Side Three of a four sided cassette which includes -

1. That'll Be The Day - Bobby Vee & The Crickets
2. Born Too Late - The Ponitails
3. Wake Up Little Suzy - Everly Brothers
4. Sealed With A Kiss - Brian Hyland
5. Real Leather Jacket - Viv Stanshall
6. At The Hop - Danny & The Juniors
7. Ally Oop - Dante & The Evergreens
8. What In The World (Shoop) - Stormy Tempest
9. That's Alright Mama - Billy Fury
10.Get Yourself Together - Billy Fury

Discover more about Billy Fury HERE.

That'll Be The Day - Side 3


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Woo-hoo! You're the best! Thanks so much for re-uploading this (esp the Stormy Tempest song)!

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Thank you SO MUCH for Stormy Tempest. I now have every #1 album!

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