Sunday, May 02, 2010

Super Biton Du Mali

I cannot honestly say where this LP on the French Tangent label came from. Probably bought in East Street market, London, back in the 90's when records like this were very plentiful. Originally released in 1983.
I could not glean much about Super Biton on the internet but I found this small snippet of information-

"Formed in 1952, this band features largely modern instrumentation (brass, guitars, drums, synths) and plays music based on traditional Bambara rhythms. They toured Europe several times in the early '80s, led by trumpet player Madaou Ba, and are one of the few big bands to survive into the '90s." ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide

Super Biton - Waracoro

Super Biton - Kara Demba

Super Biton - Flani- N'Goni

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Sam Paechter said...

Fantastic! I borrowed this album from Sheffield Record Library in 1983. Blew my head off!