Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Charlie Gillett - Fools/Rain/Calypso

This weeks celebration of Charlie Gillett's radio shows features two from the mid 80's - not sure of the actual dates, perhaps someone out there knows?
The first is another themed show called "Fools & Clowns" but Charlie admits during the show that the crucial "clown song" was left at home so mostly they are all songs about fools. It has The Alchemist written on the side of the tape but Charlie doesn't mention that on the show itself but refers to "The Rock Show", so this maybe a series I had completely forgotten about he did for Capital Radio. Maybe this Alchemists shows started around the same time? But sadly my memory isn't what it was! These old tapes ain't what they were either so please excuse the rather quiet audio and the pops, crackles and hisses.

The other show has The Alchemists written on it also and features songs on the theme of Rain. In the second half Charlie is joined by guests Flying Turkey and Scorpion who play some calypso and soca records from the West Indies - one of first intimations of Charlie's interest in World Music and a taste of things to come.

Charlie Gillett - Fools & Clowns

Charlie Gillett - Rain

Charlie Gillett - Rain/Calypso

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