Friday, May 21, 2010

Charlie Gillett - Hank Ballard/ Hamid Sagzou

Enjoyable Charlie Gillett radio show from 7-12-86 with guests Hank Ballard and Hamid Sagzou ( apologies if this spelling is wrong as it undoubtedly is!).

Wikipedia says of Hank Ballard-

"Hank Ballard (November 18, 1927 – March 2, 2003), born John Henry Kendricks, was a rhythm and blues singer, the lead vocalist of Hank Ballard and The Midnighters and one of the first proto-rock 'n' roll artists to emerge in the early 1950s. He played an integral part in the development of rock music, releasing the hit singles "Work With Me, Annie" and answer songs "Annie Had a Baby" and "Annie's Aunt Fannie" with his Midnighters. He later wrote and recorded "The Twist" and invented the dance, which was notably covered by Chubby Checker."

Read more about Hank Ballard HERE.

Charlie Gillett - Hank Ballard/Hamid Sagzou Pt. 1

Charlie Gillett - Hank Ballard/Hamid Sagzou Pt. 2


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the latest Charlie Gillett posting. I previously posted that I’d taped over most of the programmes once I’d listened to them, but I did keep a few. One I kept is a curiosity called Charlie’s Chain from about 1980. It sounds like it’s Charlie’s first appearance on Capital Radio, guesting on a series hosted by Nicky Horne, in preparation for standing in while Nicky Horne took a holiday. The format of the programme has Charlie constructing a chain of records with tenuous connections from one to the next, eg from Van Morrison’s Domino to Fats Domino. It’s an interesting listen and I’ve posted it here:

The link is only good for 10 downloads, so you may wish to re-up to another host. I think it was a two-hour programme, which I tried to cram on a C90 by using the pause button on an Amstrad stereo cassette deck to edit out the ads and news. A few years ago I recorded the old tape to WAV and made two audio CDs of it, and it’s these CDs that I’ve now ripped to MP3. It’s broken down arbitrarily into tracks approximately five minutes long to make the continuous recording a little easier to navigate around.
We seem to have gained a few seconds of an older Stuart Colman programme at the end of CD1, while CD2 runs out in the middle of what I think may have been Charlie’s final choice. The WAV had annoying little skips every now and then but overall it’s still OK quality. Hope you like it.

wastedpapiers said...

Many thanks anon. for this programme which I may or may not have. I will have to have a look later though with over 200 Charlie Gillett radio shows from the 80's on Capital it may take some time! Anymore you wish to share will be greatly appreciated I'm sure not only by me but by other CG fans who are following here. Over 250 have taken advantage of the Ian Dury show alone! Rather baffled though that the excellent Roy Brown show only has 10 takers?!