Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ann Stephens

I rarely buy records from the Oxfam shop as the prices tend to be a bit steep but for 49p this seemed like a bargain steeped as it is in nostalgia for far distant innocent age when we had "Children's Favourites" on the wireless ( long before the radio was invented ) Also someone called Uncle Mac who used to introduce it every Saturday morning. I think his name was Derek McCulloch? A kindly old uncle figure who smelled of Werther's Originals and had a wooden leg.
I suppose it's just the nostalgia that makes this EP on the HMV label so appealing.

The sleeve notes don't tell us much about the precocious Ann but it does say-

"Ann was an HMV recording discovery, for when they needed an Alice for their Alice In Wonderland series in 1941. Ann was the successful applicant out of 700 who were auditioned for the company. Her debut on record was successful and instantaneous, and her natural, untrained voice endeared her to a nation and led her to being offered several film parts."

The whistler on Dicky Bird Hop is Ronald Gourley. The orchestra on Buckingham Palace and Christopher Robin is conducted by Clifford Greenwood. The orchestra on the other two songs is conducted by Henry Geehl.

Ann Stephens - Buckingham Palace

Ann Stephens - Dicky Bird Hop

Ann Stephens - Teddy Bears Picnic

Ann Stephens - Christopher Robin


The Cheese Knees said...

Blimey, this brings back the memories. Doddery old Uncle Mac getting down with the kids, The Runaway Train, Billy Goat Gruff, Sparky's Magic Piano. And what diction young Ann had, almost too good to be true. Only problem is I can only download Dicky Bird Hop and Christopher Robin. The other two give a Rapidshare error, something to do with the uploader.

Splendid blog old chap.

Ohhhhhhhh, the chirruping of the birdies in the sycamore trees...

wastedpapiers said...

Sorry that rapidshare is playing up. I dont like using it really but mediafire was being awkward when i tried it. I will try it again later. thaks for the feedback cheese knees.

john p said...

In addition to being "Uncle Mac", Derek McCulloch was also "Larry The Lamb" in 'Toytown'

wastedpapiers said...

yes, you are absolutely right john p. I neglected to mention that fact.

P.M.Adamson (Claim To Fame Man) said...

Great to hear people keeping the Uncle Mac name alive. I was a great fan back in the late 50's through to its demise and was inspired to write a song in Derek McCullough's memory. 'Good Old Uncle Mac' You tube clip on following link.

anomia said...

This really should be reposted; would love to have it!

Thanks for all the great shares!!!

wastedpapiers said...

I'll see what I can do anomia - might take me a while to find it again!