Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sir Victor Uwaifo

A record in the wrong sleeve Ive just discovered. It's not by Apola King Idowu after all but Sir Victor Uwaifo who comes from Nigeria. Some splendid Afrobeat from 1975.
Amazing claims on his website-

Sir Victor Uwaifo, a research scholar, discovered the structural rightness in sculpture that stands without a supporting base. Most of the works which adorn the Revelation Tourist Centre in Benin City were done personally by him.
Sir Victor Uwaifo designed and constructed a functional sculpture of Aeroplane House, now the largest man – made sculpture in Africa and second to the Tower of Liberty in New York, USA.
Victor Uwaifo stands out tall as the first artisit in igeria to sculpt a motorized giant kinetic sculpture also the first in Nigeira “The Dancing Chief” in form to Oba Akwnzua II Cultural Complex, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.

The maestro not only plays the guitar with his fingers which is normal, but also with his jaw, his toes, his teeth, from behind his neck and back which are unusual, then, he spins the guitar 360 degrees suspending in the air with amazing speed faster than sound in a phenomenon.

He invented the double-neck guitar with 18 strings fashioned after the Mammy-water esoteric encounter in 1967 while looking for inspiration during a late night outing at the Barbeach, Lagos.

A man full of dreams and accomplishments, Victor Uwaifo is the founder of the Revelation Tourist Center which stands as the key to the historical events, horrors tragedies, the Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Beautiful.

Sir Victor Uwaifo 50 years of music and stage performance was celebrated by N.T.A. with a golden jubilee award and broadcast live to the world in 2006.

Victor Uwaifo, the Living Legend, twanging of the guitar in quick successions, the up-and-down strokes by hand on the strings have exceeded 5 million kilometers accumulated length measured at an average speed of 10 strokes per second and combined with the movement of the left had to and fro on the guitar neck are long enough to go round the planet earth. "

Discover more revelations at his website HERE.

Sir Victor Uwaifo - Okokoko Sasakosa

Sir Victor Uwaifo - Amuwa Ekassa

Sir Victor Uwaifo - Ilobi Ekassa


magpie-moon said...

sounds like Sir Victor is a legend in his own mind...

wastedpapiers said...

An amazing chap to be sure!

chrome said...

back in the day, memories of riding to school with my dad, uwaifo's hit song "Joromi" and "Guitar Boy" playing on the car tape deck. special guy

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for dropping by and making a comment chrome - much appreciate the feedback.

zim said...

from the track titles could it be this lp:

if so that's i think a fairly rare uwaifo LP. would love to hear the rest of it, and would be happy to send something similar in exchange

wastedpapiers said...

I will try and uplaod the other side if I can find it again. tHANKS FOR THE feedback zim.

zim said...

that would be great