Friday, February 05, 2010

Slip Fingers O'Reilly

Not much found about Mr O'Reilly. This E.P. was found at Brick Lane a few years back I think. Again it was the amusing sleeve that made me buy it. The curious renditions of classical works fused with cockney knees-up pub piano and honking saxaphone would make most lovers of Brahms and Lizst reach for the ear-plugs!

Slip Fingers O'Reilly - Chopin's Nocturne

Slip Fingers O'Reilly - Schubert's Serenade

Slip Fingers O'Reilly - Bizet's Toreador Song

Slip Fingers O'Reilly - Tchaikovski's Melodie

Slip Fingers O'Reilly - Tchaikovski's Waltz Swan Lake

Slip Fingers O'Reilly - Verdi's La Donna Mobile


Παυσικραίπαλος said...

I have mightily enjoyed these tracks and I'd like to THANK YOU for the upload!
Additionally, I wonder if it could be possible to upload the rest of them.
Hope not asking too much... Have a great weekend!

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks ilias- only two more tracks on this EP but I have added them for you. Thanks for the feedback!

Παυσικραίπαλος said...

Thanks, Michael!
Very highly appreciated additament!
By the way, something that is not in any case your fault, but I remark it just for the record: The Tchaikovsky's waltz is not from "Swan Lake", but from the "Sleeping Beauty"...
My kindest regards,

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks I. Much appreciate your comments.