Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Johnny Pineapple & His Orchestra

Found this EP the other day in a charity shop for a few pence. Released in 1964 on the cheapo Bravo label. Nothing much to be found out about him sadly - on the sleeve it says -

"Johnny Pineapple is a genuine Hawaiian and played in America's Stork Club for many years. The growing popularity of Hawaiian music can be attributed to the exotic flavour of its rhythms, it's drums, it's split bamboo, and it's gourds."

Unfortunately the music is at the MOR end of the exotica spectrum sounding more like the Mike Sammes Singers and Sing Something Simple version of genuine authentic hawaiian music.

Johnny Pineapple - Hilo March

Johnny Pineapple - Pretty Mermaid Of The Southern Sea

Johnny Pineapple - My Hawaiian Kula La Ni

Johnny Pineapple - Aloha Oe E Kuu Lei


hustle said...

hey! i found johnny pineapple at a thrift store in idaho and i LOVE him. i have his album: "hawaiian holiday". i can't seem to find anything about him, besides that he died in 1981. anyway, your blog is the first link that comes up about him in google, so hello! if you want the hawaiian holiday record, hit me up. xo

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for the comment hustle - much appreciated. Like I said this is not really the sort of Hawaiian music I go for.