Tuesday, September 02, 2008

King Fighter - ( Requested Re-Up )

Another old calypso LP from the archives found many years ago in Cheshire Street market, just off Brick Lane. This rarity is on the National label and released in the 60's one imagines though no date on the record. It comes without a sleeve so had to search the internet to find it. What a great sleeve it was too!

"King Fighter (Shurland Wilson) (March 10, 1928 - December 12, 1999)

Born in Victoria Village, on the east coast of Guyana, Wilson got his name, King Fighter, because he was a boxer known for his fancy footwork. Fighter started out as a fisherman, then a boxer, before becoming a calypso singer. He started out singing boleros and love songs before switching to calypsos.

One of his main influences was the Guyanese vaudeville singer Bill Rogers. As for calypso, his favorites were Kitch and Melody and he started singing in Guiana. However, he left and moved to Trinidad because he couldn't make a living in his native country as either a boxer or a singer.

He came to Trinidad in the Fifties and was an active performer, primarily in the OYB tent until the 1980s. He first appeared in Trinidad with fellow Guyanese calypsonian Lord Coffee in 1955 and quickly rose to be a very successful calypso singer. He was a finalist for 1957 monarchy out of the Young Brigade with Smart Woman and Dhalpourie (Indian Wedding). He was singing both his Why BG Don't Want to Federate and Animal Beauty Contest that year. He was recorded extensively on a large of record labels in the Fifties and Sixties on records issued both in British Guiana, Trinidad and in England."

Discover more about King Fighter HERE.

King Fighter - Warm The Plate

King Fighter - Senorita Cindy

King Fighter - You Does Come Too Soon

King Fighter - Envy

King Fighter - Dollar Bill

King Fighter - Quarkey

King Fighter - Peace

King Fighter - Beat He

King Fighter - Lovely Country

King Fighter - They Want Me

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Ben The Balladeer said...

Thanks a trillion.

Ben The Balladeer said...

Hi just something else
I post my files at:
they are available permanently
that might help,so you don't have to repost every time.
Is there any change you could post the missing mp3's from your other calypso post.
That would be greatly appreciated.

wastedpapiers said...

I have a lot of trouble posting large files so like to split them up into single tracks- I find this much easier and doesnt take as long.

Will try and do a few more calypso things but like to chop and change styles and genres as much as possible.

Thanks for positive feedback.

Ben The Balladeer said...

No problem, I'm not expecting them yesterday :-) take your time. Just place a comment and I'll know when they've been reposted.
check out this
if you did not know already.
thanks again

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