Saturday, March 01, 2008

Texas Kitty

Jim in Basingstoke sent this cassette to me recently. Its a rare copy of a 10" LP on the Philips label from the late 50's early 60's that he was sent many years ago and he has been wanting to hear more of Texas Kitty but the internet does not tell us much.
The only image I could find is of an EP. called "Texas Kitty" that was put out about the same time and contains some of the same tracks.

Luckily a Dutch friend Jan managed to track down a short biography on a dutch website. Her real name was Kitty Prins.

"She was born in Groningen, The Netherlands. She was not only a singer, but a professional painter as well. However her carreer in our country never really got from the ground. She was more succesfull in Vlaanderen (the Dutch speaking part of Belgium). She also had a fan-club in South Africa and she had contacts with the Country Music Assocation in the VS, where she perfromed in the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.
After being seriously disappointed in The Netherland by people breaking contracts and so on, she decided to move to Vlaanderen permanently. Untill 1981 she presented a country show on Belgian radio. The last years of her life she spent painting. The website isn't clear about her birth and death date (1900-1900?)."

Thanks for that Jan.

Discover more about Texas Kitty In Dutch HERE.

Texas Kitty - Just A Little Lovin'

Texas Kitty - New Mule Skinner Blues

Texas Kitty - My Sweet Love Ain't Around

Texas Kitty - Mule Train Yodel Blues

Texas Kitty - My Love For You

Texas Kitty - After Dark

Texas Kitty - I Don't Care

Texas Kitty - My Old Grey Car

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Hope Muntz said...

Hey, I found the very first Alberto y los Trios Paranoias album at He doesn't like direct linking, so just type the name into his search field--I think the post was in November.

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for dropping by hope- I will certainly take a look.

longwolf said...

I have been trying for many years to locate the song "I dont care" by Texas Kitty, and during the course of my search discovered her date of death which was,Oct 18th 2000 at Muustwezel, Belgium. Sorry, I dont have a birth date for her. If anyone knows where I can aquire this song I would be grateful.

joe-in-the-box said...


wastedpapiers said...

If I unearth the cassette again among the hundreds that I have in boxes all round the house then i will happily uplaod this. keep your fingers crossed!

JOZEFVV said...

Hi "longwolf',

I have seen your comment today.
I can tell you that Kitty was a close friend of me for almost 10 years before she went over in the year 2000.
If you would like specific information about Kitty, you can mail me at "JOZEF.VAN.VAERENBERGH@TELENET.BE"

Flying Mermaid said...

I just discovered Texas Kitty Prins yesterday -- only the tune, "Mule Train Yodel Blues" -- and have become a little obsessed.  I LOVE yodeling, but have never heard any musical back up for it like on this tune, kind of a yodeling cha cha!

I'd had no luck finding any information about her until I stumbled on your blog this morning, posted over 4 years ago.  There were links to a number of her tunes, but the files are no longer active.  If there's any way you can reactivate them, I'd be more that thrilled!

Wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for the comment F M. The files are still active on a more recent post from 2010 if you look in the archives. Hope you enjoy them and happy yodelling!

bloodknock said...

Found the Texas Kitty EP in a job lot at a charity shop a week or two back. Cleaned up the record and it a brilliant play - super stuff.

Anonymous said...

Found the Texas Kitty EP in a job lot at a charity shop a week or two back. Cleaned up the record and it a brilliant play - super stuff.