Friday, March 28, 2008

The Ramblers Dance Band

A Highlife LP on the Decca label from West Africa recorded in 1969.

The sleeve notes say-

"It is over a decade now since Decca started recording local artists in West Africa. During this stretch of time dance bands have sprouted and wilted away to die in the true tradition of musicla groups. Somehow one band has satyed around longer than most; it seems to have succeeded where others have failed. The Ramblers Dance Band, nearly eight years old, have introduced glamour to the West African Highlife scene. the band have provided it's dance fans with their highlife tunes, while for those who prefer to listen it has supplied the necessary innovations to the traditional forms."

"From its early development in Ghana through the 1970s, Highlife was Africa's first big popular music trend. Evolving from the the music of society bands and military marching bands, Highlife music re-africanized these contemporary instrumental ensembles, adding local percussion, indigenous rhythms and crafting local lyrics around powerful local themes. Highlife, named for the lifestyle of the high society Africans who were its early patrons, was the first major popular music trend in West Africa. Some of Nigeria's early highlife luminaries Bobby Benson, Cardinal Rex Lawson, EC. Arinze, Stephen Amechi, Inyang Henshaw, Celestine Ukwu and many others are still revered to this day. Though highlife lost some of its national power during the Civil War years, Highlife Heavies like Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe and Oliver DeCoque remain powerful National forces. Recentely a young generation has worked to put highlife back on the map."

Discover more about Nigerian Highlife HERE

Ramblers Dance Band - Ekombi

Ramblers Dance Band - Agyanka Dabre

Ramblers Dance Band - Ama Bonsu

Ramblers Dance Band - Nyame Ne Nhyehyee

Ramblers Dance Band - Nyame Mbere

Ramblers Dance Band - Alome

Ramblers Dance band - Knock On Wood

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Anonymous said...

NICE LP! Is it possible to re-upload it?
/ Peter

wastedpapiers said...

I'll see if i can find it again. Might take a while!

sexy said...





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