Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sandy Nelson

"Let There Be Drums" by Sandy Nelson was one of the very first singles I ever bought back in the 60's - probably an ex juke box single with the centre punched out I used to buy cheaply at Pitsea market in Essex.
This compilation of some of his hits is on the budget Sunset label, released in 1962.

Wikipedia says-

"His song "Teen Beat", released on Original Sound Records, rose to #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1959. Subsequently he signed with the Imperial record label, and pounded out two more Top 40 hits, "Let There Be Drums", which went to #3 in the UK Singles Chart, and "Drums Are My Beat". All three were instrumentals (a feat rarely repeated). Guitar on these hits was by co-writer Richie Podolor (aka Richie Allen), later a respected songwriter / producer in his own right.
He attended high school with Jan Berry, Dean Torrence (who together became Jan and Dean), and Kim Fowley. After gaining respect as a session drummer, he played on such well-known songs as "To Know Him Is To Love Him" (Phil Spector's Teddy Bears, 1958), "Alley-Oop" (The Hollywood Argyles, 1960), "A Thousand Stars" (Kathy Young and the Innocents, 1960) and many more.
Near the end of 1963, Nelson was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. The resulting injuries necessitated amputation of his right foot and part of that same leg. Nonetheless, he managed to resume his drumming career, and Nelson continued to record into the early 1970s, releasing 2 or 3 albums a year, mainly consisting of cover versions of popular hits at the time plus a few original compositions.
Nelson, now approaching his seventies, lives in quiet seclusion in Boulder City, NV. and continues to experiment with music on keyboards and piano."

Sandy Nelson - Teen Beat

Sandy Nelson - Big Noise From The Jungle

Sandy Nelson - Honky Tonk

Sandy Nelson - All Night Long

Sandy Nelson - Drums Are My Beat

Sandy Nelson - Drumming Up A Storm

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Planet Mondo said...

As a young punk I got my first motorbike jacket from Pitsea Market (£15) - will be downloading those Sandy tracks later

wastedpapiers said...

You could buy all kinds of thingsback in the 60's. It was one of my favourite haunts as a teenager - ten bob pocket money used to go a long way back then!

marmiteboy said...

Good heavens Pitsea Market eh. No good these days I'm afraid, not since Adrians Records stall went and Alf Cohne retired any road.

I blight on the Essex horizon these days.

wastedpapiers said...

I still have family that live in Basildon so have been back to see the sad way Pitsea markey has deteriorated over the years.
I remember Alf Cohen too and his patter. I bought a few dodgy "bargains" from him back in the 60's. Happy days!

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