Friday, March 07, 2008

Australia All Over

This is the other Australian cassette I found the other day for a few pennies. Its on the ABC label and based on a radio show of the same name hosted by Ian McNamara who choose all the songs and did the liner notes. In them he says- "This recording is really a slice of life - Australian style. The music overflows with the spirit and the soul of the country. It reflects the humour, lifestyle, natural environment and it's history."

I was thinking the other day that there should be more songs about sheds and lo and behold there is a great one here by John Williamson. Also an amusing song about a snack bar by the Tallowood Bush Band. Ted Egan apparently found the song "Two Little Boys" for Rolf Harris but we won't hold that against him!

Ted Egan - Sayonara Nakamura

John Willimason - The Shed

Tallowood Bush band - Number 97 To The Snack Bar Please

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