Saturday, March 29, 2008

Swaranlata & Karamjit Singh Dhuri

An EP on the Odeon EMI from 1973.

"Swaranlata, a tall and alluring Sikh girl from Rawalpindi, was interested in dance, music and films since her childhood. After completing her education, she joined Academy of Music and Arts - Lucknow (UP), and married a rich merchant P.C. Balmoria at the age of 18. Luckily, P.C. Balmoria was himself interested in films and music; therefore, he introduced Swarnlata to the world of films. Swaranlata's first film Awaaz was released in 1942, which was directed by Rafiq Rizvi. Although Swaranlata was cast in a secondary role, she did her role with great confidence opposite such seasoned actors like Maya Banerji and Wasti. Seeing her enthusiasm for films, she was offered the lead role in Najam Naqvi's Tasveer (1943) opposite superstar hero of his time Motilal. Tasveer, a romantic comedy about a philandering doctor did great business at box-office and there was no looking back for Swaranlata. She was showered with offers and was cast as the leading lady in lots of movies including Rattan (1944) which is still considered as one of the greatest hits of Indian Cinema. In 1945, director-cum-producer-cum-actor Nazir started Laila Majnu (1945) under the banner of Hind Pictures, and Swaranlata was cast as Laila. Indian playback singer, Mohd Rafi also appeared in this film, alongside lead pair Swaranlata and Nazir to sing the chorus in tera jalwa jisne dekha. This film, an Arabian love legend, gave rise to a real life romance off the screen as well. Swaranlata converted to Islam and changed her name to Saeeda Bano. Swaranlata and Nazir got married and were inseparable till Nazir's death in 1983".

Swaranlata & Karamjit - Pehli Raat Bada Hi Dar Lagea Si

Swaranlata & Karamjit - Ghund Chuk Mukhra Dikhade

Swaranlata & Karamjit - Thamle De Kol Kol Di

Swaranlata & Karamjit - Ghada Na Chukayo Kudiyo

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KS Pannu said...

Hello. I just wanted to notify you that there were 2 female artistes named Swaranlata. The biography you have posted is NOT of the artiste who appears on the record. The Swaranlata who is on the record was a Punjabi folk singer who lived in India, not Pakistan. Her career spanned from the late 60s to well into the early 80s. She doesn't sing anymore and has been absent from the Punjabi music industry for nearly 20 years.

wastedpapiers said...

Oops! Thanks for putting me right ks. I will try and rectify my mistake as soon as possible.