Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Cuates Castilla

Again, not much info on the net about the Mexican Twins "Cuates Castilla". This 10' LP was found with two other latin flavoured records today. The recording was made during a visit to England in the 50's I would guess. The songs have a short explanation attached-

Viva Chile (Queca from Chile) - The Chilian compares the beauty of Chile with that of other countries, saying that although their grass may be greener, the Chilian grass is the best nevertheless. Though the country may be narrow, see how long it is, and they may not have brandy or whisky to drink but they have their local drink, Chicha, which is as good as any.

El limiabotas ( Mambo) - "The shoe-shine boy". The boy learns to dance the mambo to the rythyms of the shoe-shine.

Cuates Castilla - Viva Chile

Cuates Castilla - El limpiabotas

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