Monday, January 23, 2006

Oh, What A Carry On!

Here's almost a whole side of this album which features several of the gang who took part in the many "Carry On" films of the 50's and 60's. None of these were culled from the soundtracks of the films which sadly didnt include much music despite many of the stars producing novelty songs, some of which reached the lower reaches of the "hit parade".
Heres a segment of the blurb on the back of this Music For Pleasure release from the early 70's-

" In 1958, a Bristish comedy film starrinf among others William Hartnell and Bob Monkhouse and titled "Carry On Sergeant" unobtrusively started off a whole chain of box-office smashes....On this album we have gathered together 8 of the successful list of comedians and comediennes who have contributed to this series..... When "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" came to the West End stage, Frankie Howard was given the leading role. His very individual form of comedy patter has become a landmark in British entertainment, most recently in the BBC TV series "Up Pompeii".

Surprisingly, 1971 had found Kenneth Willimas starring on the London stage opposite that great actress Ingrid Bergman. The tracks included here feature him in his acclaimed role of Rambling Syd Rumpo, a character from the radio series "Round The Horne"."

Find out more about the Carry On films HERE.

Jim Dale - Be My Girl

Bernard Bresslaw - You Need Feet

Frankie Howard - It's Alright With Me

Kenneth Williams - Green Grow My Nadgers Oh

Joan Simms - Spring Song

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'Honk if you agree' said...

Looks like a great CD.
Didn't Frankie Howerd who released a version of 'Je t'aime' back then too? (What? Oooh no! You can shut your face! We've seen your type.)

The tracks are great ta! Please post more!

michael said...

Its an old vinyl LP- most things here at Boot Sale Sounds are vinyl unless otherwise stated. Yes, I think "Je T'aime" with June Whitfield was recorded about the same time. I have a few other Frankie Howard things- some awful disco stuff he did in the 80's when he made avenues into college gigs with renewed interest in his work. Maybe another blog entry there- ooooh no Mrs. etc. I was watching a great South Bank show about Eric Sykes who used to write for Frankie in the early days and had to add all those "Oooh no- don't mock!" bits to the script!

Cocaine Jesus said...

cliched i know but they really don't make films (or characters) like this anymore.
too PC by half nowadays.