Saturday, January 07, 2006

Jack Hylton & his Orchestra

"The last time the Hylton band appeared on stage , was at the Royal Command Performance held at the London Palladium on Nov. 13th 1950. The orchestra had been specially reformed for the occasion, an orchestra that had thrilled thousands throughout the continent and Britain, from it's inception in the early twenties, until it's untimely demise early in 1940.
The human dynamo who directed the orchestra was Jack Hylton born in Great Lever, a district of Bolton on July 2nd, 1894. Jack began his career as a boy soprano singing in a public house "The Round Croft", which was run by his father. From the beginning Jack became known as the "Singing Mill Boy"."
In 1905 he obtained his first professional engagement with a pierrot troupe in Rhyl, and by the time he was seventeen, Jack was conducting the orchestra of a touring pantomime for the princely sum of 45 shillings a week!"

One of my favourite novelty numbers "Rhymes" ,is sung here by Leslie Sarony who also wrote many others and he sang with the Hylton band during the 30's. A vocal trio take over for the second song from 1929.

Jack Hylton - Rhymes

Jack Hylton - Me And Jane In A Plane

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