Friday, January 13, 2006

Kursaal Flyers

"The Kursaal Flyers bridged the gap between pub rock and power pop, turning out a handful of fine albums and great singles in their brief two-year career. Comprised of Paul Shuttleworth (vocals), Graeme Douglas (guitar), Vic Collins (guitar, steel guitar, vocals), Riche Bull (bass, vocals), and Will Birch (drums), the band released their first album, Chocs Away, in 1975; it was followed soon afterward by The Great Artiste. Both records showed a grasp of country and roots rock, as well as pure pop. They would begin to emphasize their pop elements with 1976's Golden Mile, released by CBS Records. The union with the major label helped the single "Little Does She Know" reach the British Top 20. Douglas left to join Eddie & the Hot Rods before the recording of their final album, Five Live Kursaals (1977); he was replaced by Barry Martin. The band broke up after the release of punk- and power pop-injected Five Live Kursaals. Out of the members, only Will Birch and John Wicks stayed active -- they formed the Records immediately after the Kursaal Flyers' disbandment. The Kursaal Flyers reunited in 1988, recording A Former Tour de Force Is Forced to Tour, which picks up right where they left off in 1977."

Find out more about the Kursaal Flyers HERE.

Kursaal Flyers - Little Does She Know

Kursaal Flyers - Palais De Danse

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Syl said...

Little Does She Know...good one, Michael! Thanks for sharing...and always your commentaries are interesting and fun.

spice-the-cat said...

I'd forgotten about them. There were a number of bands around at that time who were steamrollered by the punk explosion in '76 and are overlooked as a result.

The Kursaals, Ducks Deluxe, Supercharge, The Gorillas and the wonderful Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias.

Cocaine Jesus said...

such potential and then up pops punk (with a three minute three chord slap in the face to pop) and suddenly everything that went before is rubbish.
another fine post michael.

michael said...

Thanks all for encouragement. Yes, I must admit I have a soft spot for a lot of thsoe so-called "Pub Rock" bands that were around just before the punk explosion. Some managed to change and adapt quite successfully- Ian Dury and the Kilburns comes to mind- and others didn't fare as well.