Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Joe "Fingers" Carr

"While heavily influenced by Art Tatum, this performer was hardly considered a heavyweight pianist during his career. Born Louis F. Bush, or Busch depending on the source, the keyboard maestro who would also make heavy use of the stage name of Joe "Fingers" Carr managed to make it into Leonard Feather's Encyclopedia of Jazz, but with the following disclaimer: "A novelty performer rather than a jazz artist." The novelty itself was a kind of heavily sexed-up ragtime piano style that caught on in the very dawn of the hi-fi era. The invention was in sharp contrast to lounge music and would most likely have the opposite effect than a seduction if played in a bachelor pad. Carr began driving his piano this way while working as an A&R man for Capitol. In a brainstorm based on a sharp analysis of current trends, he decided to sign himself up as the mysterious "Fingers."

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Joe "Fingers" Carr - Stars & Stripes Forever

Joe "Fingers" Carr - Entrance of the Gladiators

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Cocaine Jesus said...

again, i know nuthin' about this chap so thanks once more for the info. i have an Art Tatum CD and that man was incredible.

michael said...

Art Tatum was in a different league to this chap but I was amused by the bird noises and the bouncy bar room style.