Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Piccadilly Dance Band

Another 78 from the suitcase. Not much found out about the Piccadilly Dance Band but this info. is about the Piccadilly label - "One of the most attractive British labels, Piccadilly was introduced in October 1928 as the budget line for Metropole Records, though the labels all state "Piccadilly Records Ltd" with no mention of Metropole. They sold in huge numbers for 1/6 (initially), reducing to 1/1 in 1931, before disappearing in April 1932. The catalogue numbers started at 100 and ran to 934, and the English matrix numbers, initaially in an M-series (from Metropole) then switched to a 1000-series. American recordings were initially from Emerson, and subsequently from Grey Gull and finally there were a few from ARC/Banner. There was also a red-labelled classical series using a 5000-series catalogue. The recording quality varied, but the pressing were usually very smooth, though rather brittle." Piccadilly Dance Band - Chloe (Blues). Piccadilly dance band - Get Out And Get Under The Moon.

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