Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Aleksandar Stepic

A curious Ep I found today in Crewe Oxfam shop for 29p. Attracted by the exotic sleeve from Yugoslavia or perhaps now Serbia. On the Diskos label from the 60's I would guess? " STEPIĆ ALEXANDER (the Great Field, 1932) Aca was born in 1932. in Veliko Polje, near. He is one of the creators of art in the field of folk music, which, as a composer and leader affirmed estradnog Ensemble, a period of 40 years, has achieved results that will be recorded in our contemporary ethnomusicology. Aca Stepić belongs constellation of musical artists who create in the spirit of the original folk music such as: Miodrag Todorovic-Krnjevac, Radojka Zivkovic, Dragan Toković, and Dr. Peter Tanasijević. Creativity Alexander Stepić is inseparably connected with our original folk music. His compositions are enriched with subtle feelings for the beauty of sound, because it originated in an area where every ton of new songs, or the car is subject to a detailed analysis of the people, which is the best critic of folk music. After high school, do not go to college, but stays with his accordion, that it introduces into the world of folk music 1950th year. At first guest in the famous restaurants and hotels, a very respectable music scene in Belgrade. noted that his visit to Sarajevo, where he meets and his associates usnešnu, singer Silvana Armenulić. After accepting the engagement of Sarajevo in Belgrade at the "Grand", which leads to Sylvan Armenulić with gift Ruzic performances every night with his orchestra. After "Grand", the Aca and Silvana accept involvement in the famous "Skadarlija", which remain around the two years, and then accept the engagement in the restaurant "Stari Grad", where they end up working in restaurants, and 1964. year signed a contract with the concert agency "Belgrade Estrada," which at that time very professionally organized concerts. in 1962. It was hired to play the accordion as the best of our National Orchestra of Radio Belgrade, under the direction of Vlastimir Pavlovic - Carevce. For this work he remained for about a year. After this engagement successfully engaged in creative work and playing in folk music, which lasts continuously since 1965. to 1995 . year. As a regular contributor to participate in numerous programs and actions of Radio-Television Serbia, such as the village cheerfully, Saturday evening, merry evening, spinning spindle, etc. Weekly afternoon. He participated in many cultural and artistic events and festivals as: - September Ivanjica 1967th later called Nušićijada in Ivanjica - Belgrade spring of 1970." Kola - Nadino Kolo/Veliko Poljsko Kolo

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