Friday, May 28, 2010

The Cranes Skiffle Group - (RE-UP)

Another 78 from the boot sale today. On the Embassy label from 1957. Cranes Skiffle Group was actually Chas McDevitt and His band who had a big hit with "Freight Train" with Nancy Whiskey singing the lead vocal that same year.

"The group had already recorded 'Freight Train' for Oriole Records; thanks to the demo discs produced by their new manager, Bill Varley. Bill ran Trio Recordings, a small studio in Tin Pan Alley. It was Varley who suggested that to get an edge over the other skiffle groups they should include a girl in their line-up. Folksinger, Nancy Whiskey, who had also appeared on the Radio Luxembourg talent competition was invited to join the group. At first reluctant to give up her folksinging, she joined the boys at the end of December 1956. They re-recorded 'Freight Train' with Nancy taking the vocals. On the same session they recorded; 'Cotton Song', 'New Orleans' and 'Don't You Rock Me Daddy O'. The last track was released on Embassy records, Oriole Records' cheap subsidiary that sold in Woolworth's. They used the pseudonym 'The Cranes Skiffle Group'. 'Worried Man', originally recorded for Embassy, whilst Jimmie MacGregor was with the group, was substituted on their second Oriole release."

Discover more about Chas McDevitt HERE.

Cranes Skiffle Group - Cumberland Gap

Cranes Skiffle Group - Freight Train


Anonymous said...

Thank you !
I missed this when you first posted it, so I`m very thankful you re- upped it.
Can you post the second record as well ?

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks Joey. You'll have to give me a hint to what the second record was?

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry for the delaaay...

And for being so unprecise-

I meant the other embassy- record with Chas & his group as "Cranes Skiffle Group", "Don`t you rock me daddy- o".
It would be very nice if you have and post it.
Thanks & best wishes,

wastedpapiers said...

Sorry I dont have that one. I will keeep my eyes open though - you never know what might turn up!