Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Sangam (Re-UP)

Probably from Brick Lane market, this EP on the EMI/HMV label out of Pakistan was released in 1964. It has a couple of great songs on it especially the amusing "I Love You" which is just the words "I Love You" sung in several languages with what sounds like a Greek bazouki backing!

Heres a review of the film from the Channel 4 site-
Director/actor Raj Kapoor reworks the popular love triangle theme in this lavish production, one of the first Hindi films to be shot in foreign European locations. Nearly all Kapoor's films were romances and big box-office hits; he himself was a huge star in China, Russia and the Middle East. The appeal of his films is largely due to their excellent music by Shankar-Jaikishan. Sangam is stirring entertainment using the essential elements of Hindi cinema: melodrama, star charisma and music."

Sangam - Main Ka Karoon/I love You

Sangam - O Mere Sanam/O Mehbooba

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