Monday, August 16, 2010

The Royal Polynesians

Another find at the antique emporium for a quid. Some nice ukulele playing on this one. Not much found on the internet but seems Charles Mauu was a Tahitian chief and had a film career of sorts , playing mostly bit parts.

Wikipedia says of the music of Polynesia -

"Throughout most of Polynesia, music has been influenced by European, American, South America and East Asian contact. The only major stronghold to hold to traditional culture without much evolution has been Samoa, which has pursued a relatively isolationist history.

Within songs, the lyrics are by far more important than the melodic accompaniment, which has been sometimes changed to Western pop music structures in modern times. Elements like rhythm, melody, harmony and dance are traditionally viewed as accompaniment to the primary focus, the lyrics, serving to embellish, illustrate and decorate the words. Indeed, a song sung to traditional melody is considered no more Polynesian than the same song sung to a modern imported melody.

Song and dance are integral parts of the same cultural elements throughout Polynesia. In action songs, dance is used to illustrate the lyrics by moving the hands or arms; some dances are performed seated. Traditionally, dance moves do not illustrate the song's narrative, but rather draw attention to specific words and themes; in modern times, however, dances are more often explicitly narrative in their focus. There are also traditional dances performed without lyrics, to the accompaniment of percussive music.

The most important instrument is the voice, though multiple varieties of slit drum and conch shells are also popular; the human body is used as an instrument, with clapping and knee-slapping used accompany songs and dances."

Royal Polynesians - Tamure

Royal Polynesians - Tiere

Royal Polynesians - Vana Vana

Royal Polynesians - Tonga Tika

Royal Polynesians - Tou Here

Royal Polynesians - Vahine Anamite


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Good its really nice.

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Very nice of you to share your finds; thanks!