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Nazia & Zoheb Hassan

A sleeveless Lp on the Siroco label from 1984 I bought for 10p some time ago. I kind of disco infused bollywood soundtrack though not sure if it is from a film or just part of the Pakistani UK pop scene back in the 80's.

Wikipedia says -

"Born into a well-to-do Karachi family, Nazia and Zoheb spent their teenage years in London. The brother and sister duo released their first album "Disco Deewane" in 1981 and became an instant hit with the title song reaching the top of the Pakistani charts. They released their second album in 1982 titled "Star/Boom Boom". It was a sensation in the Europe, Middle East, South America as well as in South East Asia. They shot to true stardom and fame as a result of the song "Aap Jaisa Koi" which Nazia Hassan sang for the Indian movie "Qurbani" made by actor/producer Feroz Khan when she was just fifteen.

After 4 albums, with 4 being huge hits in the 80s, Nazia went on to get married in 1995 which ultimately ended in divorce and Zoheb went on to handling his father's extensive business in Pakistan and the UK. He was also appointed Advisor to Governor Sindh for the Image Promotion of the Province of Sindh. Unfortunately he felt that his heart was no longer in music after the sad demise of his sister and decided to call it a day after an album dedicated to the memory of his late sister.

Nazia Hassan died of lung cancer in London on August 13, 2000 at the age of 35 at 9:15 am. Her brother Zohaib Hassan help set up a charity foundation named after her to help in creating support systems for children in need as well as providing homes for them. The foundation also sponsors awards in recognition of individuals who promote greater harmony between cultures. The recipients of these awards will be selected from all fields ranging from music and the arts to science, sport, business, engineering, humanities and charitable work, politics, etc. The Nazia Hassan Foundation seeks to promote fusion between different cultures, traditions and beliefs.

Zoheb Hassan acted in the drama serial "Kismat" in 2006 and released his solo album of the same title in 2006. This article contains official information and all the information has been confirmed by Nazia & Zoheb's Family."

Nazia & Zoheb Hassan - Aag

Nazia & Zoheb Hassan - Dum Dee Dee Dum

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