Saturday, August 14, 2010

Charlie Gillett - Tarquin Gotch

Another old Undercurrents show from Capital Radio in the early 80's. This time Charlie's guest is Tarquin Gotch who at the time was an A&R man for Arista but since then has moved on to film production. Tarquin plays a few of his picks for the indie charts including Scritti Politti and Jimmy Cliff. Again please forgive the poor state of the cassette from which this was taken - these tapes are over 25 years old.

Charlie Gillett - Tarquin Gotch Pt. 1

Charlie Gillett - Tarquin Gotch Pt. 2


Anonymous said...

anonymous here!
just wondered if you knew
this wonderful show is not
an 'undercurrents' show
it sounds like a show from midweek
and 'undercurrents' was only ever broadcast at the weekend
so please mr fixit, please fix it
for me to hear another of those
brilliant 'undercurrents' shows
if you have them

Wastedpapiers said...

You could well be right Anon. as many of the early tapes have just a name and maybe a number but no mention of dates or if its mid week or weekend. If only I were more organised - but I'm not.

Some more Undercurrents and many more Charlie G. shows coming soon I promise.