Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Clinton Ford 1931 - 2009

Clinton Ford, whose real name was George Harrison strangely enough was born in 1931 in Salford near Manchester in the North West of England.
"Clinton will now be best remembered for his novelty song, "Fanlight Fanny"- a recording he made while he was with Oriole, a minor label which had association with the Woolworth's budget record brand, 'Embassy'. In fact Clinton Ford was one of Oriole's most successful artists for a while, and "Fanlight Fanny" looked like Clinton's break into the big time. Sadly, it never quite happened.

Like many other artists of the time, Clinton had first excercised his entertainment ambitions by becoming a 'redcoat' at Butlins. Although his own leanings were towards country and western material, he began singing with traditional jazz bands and skiffle groups. This appears to have influenced his style somewhat and much of his best work was done in the company of trad groups like the Merseysippi Jazz Band and George Chisholm for example. Clinton's choice of recorded material was certainly diverse- with everything from the country flavoured sentimental 'Old Shep' and his confident interpretation of 'Run To The Door' through the most outrageous novelties like 'The Old Bazaar In Cairo' and even George Formby's 'Why Don't Women Like Me'."

Clinton Ford - Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On Saturday Night

Clinton Ford - What A Little Moonlight Can Do

Clinton Ford - Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula

Clinton Ford - Huggin' And A Chalkin'

Clinton Ford - My Little Bimbo


Russell CJ Duffy said...

I think more than anything else, I like the daft titles. 'Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On Saturday Night' is just so weird and funny.

Stevie said...

I never really knew Clinton Ford, but had heard Ian Whitcomb's cover of that Robinson Crusoe song...

iyorke said...

Hi there, i came across your blog whilst searching for mp3 of bobby thompson, which i see you had posted in the past, is there anyway you could send me a copy of this, i need it for a compilation cd i'm putting together for a aunties funeral, she was a big bobby fan and it would give us all a bit of light relief on the day to hear some bobby thompson. Anyway be great if you could help out.
many thanks

Wastedpapiers said...

Thanks all for your comments.
Sorry iyorke- Not sure where the Bobby Thompson LP has gone. If I find it I will happily send you a an MP3 but it might take me a while.

ricky said...

Hi There,
Is there any way i could get a copy of Clinton Fords (Fanlight Fannys Daughter)It was my dads favourite and would bring back some really good memories.
Many Thanks.
Ricky Langton.

Wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for the enquiry Ricky but not sure I have the song you want. Not even sure where this Clinton Ford LP is now! If I find it I will certainly re-up.