Wednesday, February 04, 2009


A curio that turned up in the post today from Ken Gen in New York who runs the Sound Of Lamination website and produces performances and rituals based on the act of lamination. The 45 rpm single is literally the sound of the laminating machine on one side and discussion backstage at some art event on the other. Ken tells me that this is the very last copy of 200 he had made from a grant from John Cage.

On the sleeve notes it says -

" Lamination Ritual celebrates the transformation of the mundane into the realms of OFFICIALDOM, of ordinairy into extraordinairy. Laminationis completely participatory and accesssible to everyone. Lamination is versatile. It can be an object of utilty or whimsical extravagance. It can warm the body and open the mind. Lamination preserves, brightens and protects indsicriminately. Lamination counters our increasingly fast paced world by virtually slowing down the entropy process."

egnekn - The Sound Of Lamination

egnekn - Repairing The Machine During The Excavated Jewels Of Ertsatz Exoticism


mrsmarsh said...

Good God I am tired. I read that entire post as 'Lamingtons'(an Australian afternoon tea delicacy)
Will find out about Laminations when eyes no longer require toothpicks.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired too and read it as 'Alluminations' so rather confused by the whole thing!