Saturday, February 07, 2009

B. Gabbidon

More ska on the Blue beat label from Basil Gabbidon in 1964.

Here's a segment from the Basil Gabbidon story -

"In addition to playing the trombone in the school's brass band, Basil had become interested in the guitar at the same time. His desire to play music was all consuming. His father had an old guitar with broken strings and Basil took up the challenge. He repaired the strings, bought himself a book of guitar chords and learnt to play the guitar from scratch. "Its not like today, we made things happen ourselves," as he recalls teaching himself to play. Initially, Basil wasn't interested in reggae. It was still a relatively new form of music coming over from Jamaica and instead, the music mad youngster preferred heavier tunes from the Rolling Stones, Jimmy Hendrix, Mandrill and the Isley Brothers. "We turned on the radio and listened to pop music and the Stones, I liked the way they performed their songs. I didn't like the Beatles 'cause everyone else liked them." One of the first reggae tunes to catch his ear was a reggae version of Blue Moon, the old Rogers & Hart classic. Another tune that had a bigger impact on him was Blood & Fire. Released in 1970 by Niney The Observer (aka Winston Holness, but called Niney when he lost a thumb in a workshop accident), it was amongst the avalanche of sound system pre-releases that found their way to Britain and were eagerly snapped up by the flourishing Carribean communities. However, it wasn't until Bob Marley's classic 1973 album, Catch A Fire was released that Basil was finally hooked after he heard it played in a local park during a festival, and his desire to play reggae music became a serious aim."

B. Gabbidon - Independence Blues

B. Gabbidon - For My Love


C.J.Duffy said...

A friendly blogger was commented that the daft names that I invented for mt Fekenham stuff was very amusing but also highly unlikely. They obviously, just like me, had never heard of Basil Gabbidon.

WF is gradodg

Mr. Pooter said...

Fantastic blog! I'd like to request a re-up of the Billy Bennett tracks, please, if you'd be so kind.

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks Cj and Mr. Pooter. I will try and re-up the Billy Bennett if i can find the tapes. Cheers!

TarAntXon said...

are you sure the same Basil Gabbidon [vocal, guitar & piano] that recorded Blue Beat [Jamaican blues] with the prototype Skatalites for Coxsone, Prince Buster and many others from at least 1960 was born in 1955 and after joining Steel Pulse forgot all about his prolific [yet undervalued] career as one of the greats of ska?

great stuff nevertheless! I'm a fan. Check my upcoming multi-part posting on Blue Beat any day now!


lenroy said...

There are TWO basil gabbidons. the first one was the lead singer with a dou from Jamaica called the Mellowlarks circa 1960. He is the one that you'll find on the Bluebeat, Island and R& B labels and Jamaican ska singles 1959 - 1964. I can't find nothing more about him release wise after that. And there is the one who was born 1955 and was a founder member of Steel Pulse.

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for the info lenroy - I had not heard of the Steel Pulse Gabbidon I must admit.