Monday, April 28, 2008

George Melly's Bubbling Over Four

This tape was sent to me some years ago by persons unknown. It's a programme called Saturday Skiffle Club hosted by Brian Matthew and went out on BBC Light Programme , as it was then, on 23rd. November 1957. Others on the programme are Dick Bishop's Sidekicks and The City Ramblers.

"He was born in Liverpool and was educated at Stowe public school, where he discovered his interest in modern art, jazz and blues and started coming to terms with his sexuality. This period of his life is described in Scouse Mouse, a volume of his autobiography.
He joined the Royal Navy at the end of the Second World War because, as he quipped to the recruiting officer, the uniforms were 'so much nicer'. As he related in his autobiography, Rum, Bum and Concertina, he was crestfallen to discover that he would not be sent to a ship and was thus denied the "bell-bottom" uniform he desired. Instead he received desk duty and wore the other Navy uniform, described as "the dreaded fore-and-aft". Later, however, he did see ship duty. He never saw active combat, but was almost court-martialled for distributing anarchist literature."

Discover more about George Melly HERE.

Bubbling Over Four - Casey Jones/Kansas City

Bubbling Over Four - This Train/Sporting Life

Bubbling Over Four - I Want A Butter And Egg Man

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