Friday, April 11, 2008

Bet Lynch's Legs

Bet Lynch as we all know was the brassy barmaid at the Rover's Return pub in Britain's longest running soap "Coronation Street". I don't remember her legs very well but obviously these boys did and named their band after her pins. Other than that I know nothing about them. Two quirky instrumentals from old cowboy films which have been done better but it has a certain charm and certainly different from a lot of stuff that came out in 1979.
I must point out the wealth of other versions can be found at a wonderful blog called "The Cheeze Factory" , who's link you can find at the side here.

Bet Lynch's Legs - Riders In The Sky

Bet Lynch's legs - High Noon

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Glenda Young said...

great stuff. i'm going to add this to my corontaion street blog at

Wastedpapiers said...

I have some other Corrie songs somewhere but not as this. Glad you enjoyd it Nora.

Grubenschnitzel said...

das ist mehr als nur grubenschnitzel
gefunden ├╝ber 365 dp

and i like it -ohne es zu verstehen-
wie finnische volksmusik

Wastedpapiers said...

Babel fish translation of Grubenschnitzel's comment- "that is more than only found digging shreds over 365 dp and i like it -ohne it too understand like Finnish people music."

I guess it looses something in translation!
But glad you like it Grubenschnitzel!

Glenda Young said...

I've finally added your blog and the link. If you ahve more Corrie songs, let me know and I'll blog 'em too.

DALILA said...

hello! im searching the LONNIE DONEGAN-PUTTIN IN YOUR STYLE ,and you post it in 2006 ,please repost
and if its possible all the cassette ,i can´t find this cd
many thanks and congratulations to you

Wastedpapiers said...

Pretty sure i have a cassette of Corrie related songs somewhere. If I find it I will uplaod a few.It may take a while though nora as I'm not very organised.

Same goes for the Lonnie D. cassette dalila. I will look but it could be anywhere!

DALILA said...

many thanks for your efforts with Lonnie ,im waiting pattiently.
Best of luck

pinkie said...

hello - I just discovered some tracks by this band on a blog called Die or D.I.Y. and stumbled onto your blog from there..glad I did! Started following :))

Wastedpapiers said...

Cheers PP Threat - glad you like it.