Saturday, April 26, 2008

Golden Voices Of The Music Hall

An old early 60's compilation on the budget Ace Of Clubs label of music hall artistes from the 30's and 40's I imagine. Not much information on the sleeve.

Ella Shields.
"Ella Shields (September 27, 1879 – August 05, 1952[1]) was a music hall singer and male-impersonator. Her famous signature song, "Burlington Bertie from Bow", written by her manager and first husband, William Hargreaves, was an immediate hit that is still sung to this day. Though American-born, Ella achieved her greatest success in England."

Nellie Wallace
"Nellie Wallace was one of the most famous and best loved music hall performers and is one of the stars commemorated in the new Theatre of Variety at the Grand Theatre Blackpool. She was a 'grotesque', one of a genre that also included Lily Morris, who famously sang 'Why Am I Always the Bridesmaid?' These women made themselves look bizarre and illustrated their comic songs and patter with outlandishly grotesque dances that actually required great dancing skills. They were as loveable and appealing as they were extraordinary to look at and since the characters they portrayed were usually down on their luck, audiences took them to their hearts."

Ella Shields - Burlington Bertie

Ella Shields - The Army

Tom Leamore - Mick MacDonald

Tom Leamore - Percy From Pimlico

Nellie Wallace - The Blasted Oak

Nellie Wallace - Three Times A Day

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