Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Tubby The Tuba

A children's novelty record that plays at 78. The garish cover first attracted me to it. I bought several others of the same ilk - nursery rhymes and songs including Roy Rogers singing "Home On The Range".
It's on the Cricket Records label which makes the astonishing claim on the back of the sleeve that it sells 20 million copies each year! There is also a blurb which reads "As Advertised in LIFE" and another which states that Cricket Records have won the Certificate of Award- The Child Life Seal of Selection, signifying a high quality product in recognition of meeting superior standards! It's enough to make you throw it in the bin!

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Cricket Records - Tubby The Tuba

Cricket Records - Billy Boy/ Georgie Porgy

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la peregrina said...

Like that "Non Breakable In Normal Use" blurb on the cover. I guess that means if your kid uses the record as a Frisbee you can't take it back after it shatters into a million pieces.

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for dropping by la peregrina. IT's actually a better quality plastic to the usual fluerescent kind normally adopted by childrens record company's. I think the sleeve is the best bit about this record!

baikinange said...

This was my naptime record, along with Peter & the Wolf. Just the cover art alone makes me sleeeeeeepyyyyyyyyy

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks baikinange for that snippet from memory lane. I must admit I can't remember what my naptime record was - something on a wax cylinder I expect!