Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Paddy Roberts

Another EP found in a charity shop last year featuring whimsical songs about subjects not normally sung about in that strange olde worlde voice of his.

"Paddy Roberts (1910 - 1975) was a popular songwriter, having previously been a lawyer and a pilot (serving with the RAF in World War II). He was born in South Africa and died in the United Kingdom. He enjoyed success with a number of songs in the 1950s and 1960s and wrote songs for several films. He released several LPs and EPs of his own material, often featuring what were, for the time, slightly risqué lyrics."

Buy Paddy Roberts HERE.

Paddy Roberts - Auntie Bridget

Paddy Roberts - Our Little Village

Paddy Roberts - I Remember Tilly

Paddy Roberts - The Rabbi & The Priest

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fiftypercent said...

Thanks for posting this stuff. I enjoy it.

wastedpapiers said...

\thsnks fiftypercent. I'm glad somebody does!

Bingo said...

Strange this should crop up - I'll be posting a review of 'The Best of Paddy Roberts' on Forgotten Albums later this week. Haven't listened to it yet, so I'm quite excited now!

wastedpapiers said...

Paddy is an aquired taste I guess and it's a cliche' but you find yourself thinking "They don't write songs like this anymore!"

Some would say "Good!" but I love this s it evokes an bygone innocent age when even so-called naughty songs about fallen women and dubious preists seem rather quaint by todays standards.

Berbatov9 said...

Wow - That really pulled back from the memory banks. I think the EP was highlights from Paddy Poberts Live at the Blue Angel. I then found myself singing "Merry Christmas You suckers" and "Got N Idea" which was a 1962 Decca 45.

My folks had both items and played them constantly on the radiogram. After 45 years I was somewhat horrified to remember the lyrics

Thanks for a really fun site

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for the nice comment berbatov9 .Glad to have found something you like and brings back happy family memories.

Berbatov9 said...

No problem - I have been "lurking" taking down the odd tracks especially the comedians from the if you were up on Epsom Downs and someone opens the trunk of their Wolsey and produces a copy of "Paddy Roberts live at the Blue Angel".......