Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Orchestra O.K. Jazz

The first side of this LP on the Parlophone label from 1965 is by Orchestra O.K. Jazz but the other side is split between Orchestra Bantous and Orchestra Cercul, two other exponents of the Congolese rumba and merengue etc.

This is the first side by O.K. Jazz withthe exception of the first track which sadly jumps rather badly due to a big scratch I had not noticed before.

"OK Jazz (later TPOK Jazz, short for Tout Puissant Orchestre Kinshasa) was a Congolese rumba band, founded by Jean Serge Essous and Francois Luambo Makiadi in the 1950s. The original name, OK Jazz, comes from a bar called the OK Bar, but has also been said to refer to Orchestre Kinois. OK Jazz quickly became one of the two giants of Congolese popular music in the mid-20th century, along with Grand Kalle & l'African Jazz. Many musical stars emerged from one or both of these bands. The original name actually came from "Oscar Kashama", the owner of the bar. He invited Francois Makiadi to be a regular performer in his night club, exposing the band for the first time to the public. He named the band "Oscar Kashama Jazz", hence, OK Jazz."

Orch. O.K. Jazz - On A OseLe Dire

Orch. O.K.Jazz - Polo

Orch. O.K. Jazz - Bolingo Ya Bougie

Orch. O.K. Jazz - Si Tu Bois Beaucoup

Orch. O.K. Jazz - Le Temps Passe

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