Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Session Men

I was quite excited when I found this LP at a boot sale recently as it was one that Beatle mad chum Pamela had been after for many years. It must be quite rare as her collection of Beatle covers is quite staggering. Its on the World Record Club label and released in 1967. The "session men" involved include Ronnie Ross, Ernie Shear, Bill Le Sage , Don Lawson and few other respected London session players. The whole thing was produced at the Olympic Studios in Barnes by Fiona Bentley.

This recent review by the Vinyl Vulture pretty much sums up what the record is all about -

"A collection of well-respected jazzers lead by Bill Le Sage and Ronnie Ross tempt the stuffy subscribers to The World Record Club into digesting something a bit more contemporary than their usual fair. Reputedly the same players responsible for the 'Curried Jazz' album, but they left the tablas at home on this one. If big band jazz is your bag, then this might be up your street, but the backing is very weak and the lead trumpets and sax take most of the limelight throughout. The song selection throws up a couple of nice surprises, as alongside the usual early hits we are treated to a rather nice 'Baby You're A Rich Man' and a good few from the then contemporary 'Magical Mystery Tour' EP. Mostly typical old jazz stuff though-all technique, no spark."

The Session Men - Baby You're A Rich Man

The Session Men - Strawberry Fields

The Session Men - Norwegian Wood

The Session Men - Nowhere Man

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