Friday, April 06, 2007

Bob Williamson

Another Bob Willamson found at a recent boot sale. This LP on the EMI "One Up" label is from1976. The blurb on the back says -" I first heard Bob Willamson when he was invited to perfom at the opening of a new folk club in Birmingham. He was referred to as " a typical folkie - a kind of alchoholic sex-maniac". The Mayoress of Solihull attended in her offical capaicity and seemed to enjoy Bob, but she wasn't letting on!" James Stannage( who was a producer for Piccadilly radio in Manchester) goes on to say that he finally met up with Bob and interviewed him for Piccadilly radio when he had his "Superturn" Lp out. I guess that was the one before this one? Huge in the North West during the folk boom of the 70's he failed to reach a wider audience and gave up performing altogether after an accident in the 80's. Bob has appeared briefly as a "turn" on the Phoenix Nights series on C4.

Discover more about Bob Williamson HERE

Bob Willamson - The Gnome

Bob Williamson - The Garden Of Love

Bob Williamson - West Houghton Doris

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LIONEL said...

Anybody wishing to know more about Bob and what hes doing now take a look at his website its very funny and you can hear some of his c.d. for free.


wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for the link Lionel.

Jeffb said...

Anyone got the words to a 'Garden of Love'?

Saw Bob at Wigan Pier in the 70's. Brilliant and talented guy.

Thanks and regards