Friday, April 06, 2007

Edna McGriff

Found this EP in the Oxfam in Chester yesterday. Lots to choose from in their rather expensive record section but this seemed like the bargain I had been looking for. I'd not heard of Edna before but the songs sounded firmiliar. I was hoping the "Mr. Lee" song would be a cover of the one by The Bobettes and it turns out that it is! Edna does a fine rendering of this classic R&B hit from the 50's.

Searching for more info I came across this small extract from the Ace Label site written by Mike Atherton-

"Amongst the "small ones" was a batch of singles and EPs on Gala, a cut-price label of the late 50s, notable for its plastic, rather than vinyl, pressings, and for the ground-breaking gimmick of putting artist photos on its labels. I recognised one artist's name, Edna McGriff, and returned home with a copy of her Edna McGriff's "The Name" EP and with a various artists EP on which she had one track, for a total expenditure of one pound.

I had sometimes wondered what had happened to Edna McGriff, who had one US R&B hit with Heavenly Father on Jubilee in 1952, but who had seemingly vanished without trace shortly afterwards. "

Edna McGriff - The Fool

Edna McGriff - Mr. Lee

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alfa said...

Interesting, "the Fool" is a version of
Sanford Clark. Classic Rockabilly cult.

But, what is the original version?

thanks, great post

wastedpapiers said...

Ofcourse. Thanks alfa- I was trying to think who did that first. It has Hazlewood as one of the writers so maybe it was Lee Hazlewood? It sounds like something he might sing.

I'll have to do some more digging.

la peregrina said...

1,2,3, (Hup!)
Look at Mr Lee
3,4,5, (Hup!)
Look at him jive
Mr Lee, Mr Lee, Mr Lee....

Great fun. And definitely a copy of the The Bobettes version :)

Like "The Fool," too.

Joan Walker said...

I would like to download the track - " Heavenly Father" is there anyway I can do that? Or can you tell me where I can buy the song. Thanks!!