Sunday, April 29, 2007

Les Quatre Etoiles ( The 4 Stars )

A West African supergroup based in France where this record was made in the 80's I would guess. On the Melodie (Tangent) label.

"Les Quatre Etoiles is the Soukous musical group consisting of the Congolese musicians, Bopol Mansiamina, Wuta Mayi, Syran Mbenza and Nyboma.
Their album, Sangonini, was produced by the renowned African music producer Ibrahim Sylla. The song "Doly", from Sangoni, enjoyed worldwide popularity, reaching no. 3 in the Colombian music charts. The song "Papy Sodolo", has been covered by Tabu Ley Rochereau, another African musician of note. Another song, "Sangonini", produced in Paris and released in 1993, has also been popular.
Les Quatre Etoiles has also released the albums Adama Coly and Souffrance, as well as Live in London, a recording of their performance in the UK capital.
Their polished renditions begin in the Soukous tradition, with a slow, harmonious introduction; this then breaks out, again as in the Soukous tradition, into a fast-paced chorus known as the 'sebene' with resonating, repeated electric guitar rhythms in the background, interwoven with a choice assortment of African percussion instruments accompanied by orchestras.
Each of the four members of Les Quatre Etoiles have long established individual musical careers."

Listen to and buy Les Quatre Etoiles HERE.

Les Quatre Etoiles - The 4 Stars

Les Quatre Etoiles - Ba Relations

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