Saturday, September 02, 2006


An LP compiled by Morgan Fisher in 1980 which featured 51 tracks, all no more than one minute in length. Here's the first 16-

1. ollie halsall & john halsey / bum love
2. the residents / we're a happy family + bali ha'i
3. roger mcgough / the wreck of the hesperus
4. morgan fisher / green and pleasant
5. john otway / mine tonight
6. pete challis & phil diplock / my way
7. robert wyatt / rangers in the nightst
8. stinky winkles / opus
9. mary longford / body language
10. andy 'thunderclap' newman / andy the dentist
11. david bedford / wagner's ring in one minute
12. fred frith / the entire works of henry cow
13. maggie nicols / look beneath the surface
14. joseph racaille / week-end
15. the work vwith wings pressed back
16. neil innes & son / cum on feel the noize

Morgan Fisher was overwhelmed by the number of ideas he thought up for albums that he could now record and release. Realising that it was impossible to do everything he conceived, he decided to see how many of these ideas could be included on one album. Rather than recording the music himself, he invited 50 musicians who he admired to send in tracks of up to one minute in length. They responded with unanimous enthusiasm, and as well as receiving tapes through the mail from all over the world, Morgan also packed up his Revox tape recorder and went to several musicians homes to record them there. Original artwork for the sleeve was provided by Ralph Steadman.

To look at this record sleeve and others in my collection go HERE


TOR Hershman said...

Cool blog you got.

Let's see.....which of moi's thingys could've gone on that record.

"Beam A Poop," if'in I cut the added "Another fine product from TOR-Co" off the end.
"Oil Pumps & Yuppie Tanks," that's only 17 seconds.

Stay on Groovn' Safari,

Coffee Messiah said...

Let's see....I have 60 seconds to write this comment out. Er, uh,
Thanks & Cheers!

michael said...

Cheers tor and CM. Much appreciate your input.

Cocaine Jesus said...

now THIS looks fascinating. ollie halsall and john halsey. they were in PACO? POCO? can't remember. i have two albums of theirs in my collection.

can you get this on CD?

michael said...

Ollie Halsall was in a group called Patto which you can find info. on here-

Not sure if this is still available though someone said he bought a copy recently on CD but not if it was second hand or not.