Monday, September 11, 2006

Far East Fantasy

Or to give it's full title "Far East Fantasy In Latin Dance Rhythm" found yesterday at a boot sale for 50 pence. On the 49th State label and made in Hawaii by the All Star Ortchestra, whoever they might be. The sleeve notes don't really tell us but here is a small segment -

" These best loved melodies from Japan, China, Okinawa, Korea, the Philippines and Malaya, are set in the Latin tempo and rhythm that makes them a blend of the East and Latin America. At long last the waves of the Pacific Ocean have done their work of intermingling the music of various peoples.

Recorded in full fidelity sound, these songs will soon be haunting your memory, as snatches keep coming to mind unconsciously. Listen or dance to these beautiful melodies of the Far East."

All Star Orchestra - Shina No Yoru (rhumba) - Japan

All Star Orchestra - Holi Chin Sai Lai (cha cha cha) - China

All Star Orchestra - Ginza Kan Kan Musume (rock 'n' roll mambo) - Japan

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emanuelebrt said...

Sin city!!

What amazing tunes.