Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Highlife Music

Another Highlife record on the melodisc label from the 60's. Bands from Ghana and Nigeria include West African Rhythm Brothers, Nat Atkins and His Crazy Bees and Flash Domincii and the Fabulous Supersonics.
The copious sleeve notes tell us about each of the bands involved-

"Iwa Ika Ti Beda Je starts off well with all instruments in unison. Vocal then comes in immediately and nicely too. Here Flash sings and pleads to people to ponder anew and start doing good as people all round the globe are full of wickedness....
Ki Dide was meant to be made a hit when it was issued as a single. People enjoyed listening, rather than daning to it, for the morals behind it. Funny, some people has not the voice to match their stature. A good example is 'Dele Bank-Olemoh the occasional associate singer with Flash. With so titantic a stature, he emits from his throat a voice so thin nobody will believe it is his voice...."

"Sumongole by Nat Atkins, another beautiful and fast number, with Wily on clarinet. ..."

"The sudden death of Chief J.K. Randle came as a great shock to every Nigerian when it was announced. Not less than a day after his arrival from the successful Empire Games in 1957 in which he lead the successful Nigerian athletic team as Chef-de-mission, and where the athletes did incredbly well, he was taken ill, and died not long afterwards..."

Flash Domincii - Iwa Ika Ti Beda Je

Flash Domincii - Ki Dide

Nat Atkins - Sumungole

Nigerian Union Rhythm Bnad - The Memorial of Chief J.K.Randle

West African Rhythm Brothers - Iwa D'Arekere

Nat Atkins - Togorotigiri

Flash Domincii - Iwin Nla Pade Wa

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Ellen Collison said...

Great post - thanks!

Ellen Collison said...

BTW, my jaw dropped when I heard the Nat Atkins track. African recordings with clarinet are very, very rare.

I would love to broadcast this entire album on my internet radio station, Hemispherical Radio (based at

My email address is on the station page (link above), or you could contact me via my station playlsit + links blot at

Many, many thanks for the great music!

michael said...

Thanks for the interest ellen. I've added some extra tracks for you. More highlife coming soon!

goldfinger said...

thx for this one :-)

jazzman said...

Any chance of putting up the back of the sleeve?

jazzman said...

Any chance of putting up the back of the sleeve? Love to see the words.

michael said...

If I can find it again I will if I have time and can fit it on the scanner!