Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ska 45's

A few old scratchy Ska singles now that I found down Brick Lane in the 80's, Most are from the 60's and played to death in juke boxes I imagine.

"THE FIRST WAVE OF SKA. In 1962, a time when Jamaica was copying the musical style of America, Cecil Bustamente Campbell, later known as Prince Buster, felt that something new was needed. He had his guitarist Jah Jerry emphasize the afterbeat instead of the downbeat. To present day, the afterbeat is essential to Jamaican syncopation. Another artist, Rosco Gordon, is credited with the development of Ska. He heavily stressed the second and fourth beats of each bar. Ska was born.

The sound systems began recording their own tracks to gain an advantage over the others, not labeling the vinyl so others could not see what was playing and 'steal' it for their own sound systems. Dodd and Reid were known to scratch out labels on records they purchased during trips to places like Randy's in Tennessee in America, in order to make these releases exclusive.

The sound system war escalated to the point that roughfians were sent to competitor sound system parties to cause problems. These people were known as "Dance Hall Crashers". Despite the primitive mono recording facilities, it was the determination of the Ska enthusiasts which enabled Ska to become the first truly commercial Jamaican Music, and later named the national dance and music of Jamaica."

Read more about the history of ska HERE.

Monty & Roy with Lumbago and His Band - In & Out The Window

Tommy McCook & The Supersonics - Naked City

R.Duffus & C.Brown - No Body Know

Lee Perry - Wind Up Doll

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Jon said...

I do hate sendspace. It never seems to let me download stuff, always claiming i'm suppsoed to wait for another download to end when I haven;t even downloaded a track from there for days. Bah! I was after hearing that Lee Perry single, just cos the name makes it sound interesting!

michael said...

Thanks for the feedback Jon. I had no idea that SendSpace was giving you problems - no other complaints about it so far. I changed from the awful rapidshare for exactly that problem! I will return to You Send It if it contunues to play up. Let me know.

TheUpsetter1969 said...

I would like to thank you for your Ska post. I do like my Original Ska it has to be said. Enjoying the rest of your blog too. Thanks.

michael said...

You're welcome Upsetter - thanks for dropping by.