Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Black Orpheus

A 10' LP I found a few years ago in Brick Lane and so excited by my find I sent it to Radio London DJ Charlie Gillett to play on his World Of Difference programme. Sadly it never made it in one piece - folded by some neanderthal postman! Charlie sent it back saying how sorry he was but not his fault. Maybe if he'd had a letter box that was 11 inches wide it would never have happened!?
It is the soundtrack to a film I have never seen but sounds fascinating as it is set in Rio at the time of the Carnaval. The music is by Anonio Carlos Jobin and Luis Bonfa.

"Camus was a professor of painting and sculpture before breaking into film as an assistant to Alexandre Astruc, 'Georges Rouquier' and Jacques Becker, among others. During this period he made his first film, a short documentary called Renaissance Du Havre (1950). Like many French film-makers whose first chance to direct a feature came in the postwar era, Camus chose to deal explicitly with the issue of personal sacrifice in the context of war. But unlike most of his colleagues who quite naturally dealt with WWII, Camus took as his subject the war in Indochina. Camus then embarked on three films in collaboration with writer Jacques Viot.

Marcel Camus' work is often characterised by its lyricism, which was central to his films of the 1950s and 60s - Mort en fraude (1957) (aka Fugitive in Saigon), Orfeu Negro (1959) (aka Black Orpheus) and Vivre la nuit (1967). Black Orpheus brought him international acclaim. Winner of the 1959 Palme d'Or at Cannes and an Academy Award as best foreign language film, this exotic modern adaptation of the Greek legend portrays its Orpheus (Breno Mello) as a streetcar conductor who meets his Eurydice (Marpessa Dawn) and lives out his legendary destiny during the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro."

Luiz Bonfa - Samba De Orfeu

Antonio Carlos Jobin - Scene Du Lever Du Soleil(edit)

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Anonymous said...

Yikes! I thought our PO had the corner on that kind of treatment of postal material? ; )
Bummer! Nice he wrote you back!

michael said...

This was the first time this has happened before and since. I used to send tons of records through the post before the days of CD's and had no trouble. My own fault really as it was in a thin card envelope I think and asking to be bent by an idiot.
I sent a few things to Charlie for his show and eventually he invited me on as a guest ( very scary ) to talk about my market finds and play a few.

Anonymous said...

Did you tape the interview?

michael said...

Yes, i have it some where but not sure where.

la peregrina said...

...a film I have never seen..

Poor baby. ;) Great movie.