Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Amazing Thrift Vol. 4

Here's another batch of Amazing Thrift including some dodgy film stars who should stick with the day jobs. I heard that Robert Mitchum made an album of calypso songs which intrigues me - this may even be from it? Another compilation by the good folk at Ooh Ooh Music and put togther this time by Mr. Michael ( no relation!).

Here's all of side two-

Robert Mitchum - Foolish Pride

Jack Nicholson - Who Is There Among Us

Joe E. Ross - Are You Lonesome Tonight

K-Mart Food Service - Salad Bar

Sonny James - The Cat Came Back

Don "Jeepers" Bowman - The Wrong House

J.Lansing/D.Bowman/F.Husky - Jamboree Time

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