Saturday, June 24, 2006

Miki and Griff

A record I found today in a charity shop for 50p. Miki and Griff occasionally sang backing vocals for Lonnie Donegan and here Lonnie and his skiffle group help out on this EP of four tracks on the Pye label. Recorded in 1960. Very little can be found about Miki and Griff but here is a short piece found on the internet-

"One of Britain's biggest Country duos was Miki & Griff, who met when they both became members of the George Mitchell Choir and were married in 1950. Leaving Mitchell, they developed their own act including comedy and novelty songs. In 1958 they fell in love with the Everly Brother's Country album, "Songs Our Daddy Taught Us" and various Louvin Brothers albums. Lonnie Donegan heard Miki & Griff singing these songs in their dressing-room and invited them on to his TV show to sing them and also had a hand in producing their Country records. Soon they gained the nickname of "Britain's Mr & Mrs Country Music". In 1958 Miki & Griff made the UK Top 30 with 'Hold Back Tomorrow' and recorded successful EPs with 'Rockin' Alone (In An Old Rockin' Chair)' and 'This Is Miki - This Is Griff'. In 1962 they had a UK Top 20 hit with Burl Ives' 'A Little Bitty Tear' and in 1964 received a standing ovation at the Grand Ole Opry, when they appeared in Roy Acuff's part of the show. Sadly Miki passed away with cancer in April 1989 and Griff died just a year or two ago."

Miki & Griff - Hold Back Tomorrow

Miki & Griff - Deedle-Dum-Doo-Die-Day

Miki & Griff - Some Day You'll Call My Name

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OutaSpaceMan said...

Miki & Griff were my mums favorite singers.
Our radiogram had several of their E.P.s stored in it.
I considered them to be "old peoples" music.
How times have changed.
I once met Big Jim Sullivan who played on some of their tracks but when I reminded of this, and told him how much my mum loved Miki and Griff, he was less than complimentary.

Wastedpapiers said...

Yes, probably a duo that my Mum enjoyed too. I dont know if times have changed that much ,after all I am 59! I dont think I would have considered buying this a few years back despite Lonnie Donegan playing on it. Though looking back at the other artists featured here I don't think they look particularly out of place.
Thanks for dropping by with that snippet outaspaceman.